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We are a group originated on Facebook. We’re the people having a vision of making the hacking community a better place by helping each other by learning and sharing. We emphasis on basics and how things work so you can learn the deep concepts in this field.
With us, you won’t have to be script kiddie anymore. You’ll know whats actually happening under the hood.
We as a fast growing community now try our best to excel in this field. Anyone can join us in our journey.
Our articles are very user-friendly and include technical aspect too for better understanding. We don’t believe in copying stuff. We believe in creating ourselves.

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Authors & Admins :

Somdev Sangwan A.K.A D3V
About: An n00b hacker and a proud member of Team Ultimate. I am infamous but known as D3V in my circle.
Contact Details: Facebook Account

Nidhish Pandya A.K.A N1gh7m4r3
About: A Noob Hacker learning to become leet xD, a Proud member and an admin at Ultimate Hackers. My buddies still call me 1337 *trolling*. I am known as Cyber B34$7 in my circle.
Contact Details: Facebook Account, Instagram, Twitter.

Shivam Shrirao A.K.A GR3Y
About: Science and tech. enthusiast. Loves to learn to work and manipulating of things deeply. Looking forward to making the world a better place. Proud admin of Ultimate Hackers.
Contact Details: Facebook Account, Telegram – @mregrey

Manal Shaikh A.K.A 0MN1TR1X
About: Karan Suryavanshi is a tech enthusiast, programmer, and security researcher. He is one of the best DDOSers you will ever meet.
Contact Details: Facebook Account

MD Wasil Ansari A.K.A HaCkEr X
About: Nerdy Geek, having a keen interest in Ethical Hacking (n00b), Programming and Digital World;

Tech & Science Lover, somewhere known as Hacker X, creatively curious since Birth.
Contact Details: Facebook Account, @md_wasilansari (Twitter)