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Which Programming Language Is Good For Beginners In Programming?

In our previous article we discussed if a beginner in hacking should learn programming or not?
So if you are reading this article you must be eager to learn programming but confused at the same time with questions in mind like where do you start from?
I hope you will get your answers today. Lets get straight to the point.

Which Programming Language Is Good For A Starter?

Nope I am not going to tell you that. I will just tell you about the purpose of each and then will help you choose.
So here are some popular programming languages:
1. JAVA:
More than 85% android apps are created using JAVA. It is also used in big (big means big) websites. It is a portable programming language which makes it easy to use on multi platforms.
2. Java Script:
Its a browser/client side language.  It makes the webpage more interactive. Like for example when you enter a comment on Facebook then the whole page doesn’t load., just that comment is added. This kind of functionalities are added into webpages with JavaScript. Javascript brought about a revolution in webapps.
3. Assembly Language:
The most low level programming language because its nothing more than machine code written in human readable form. Its hard to write and you need to have deep understanding of computers to use this because you are really talking with it. Its very fast in terms of execution.
4. C:
Its a low level language too that’s why its fast. It is used to program operating system, computer games and software which need to be fast. It is hard to write but gives you more control of your computer.
5. C++ :
Its C with more features and those features make it more complex.
6. Perl:
A language which was developed to create small scripts easily. Programming in Perl is easy and efficient but the programs are comparatively slower.
7. Python:
Perl was made better and named Python. Its easy, efficient and flexible. You can automate things with python in a go.
8. Ruby:
Its similar to Python but it became popular when they created a web application development framework named Rails which lets developers to write their web application conveniently.
9. HTML and CSS:
HTML and CSS are languages not programming languages because they are just used display things on a website. They do not do any actual processing. HTML is used to create the basic structure of the website and then CSS is used to make it look good.
10. PHP: It is used to process things in a website. It is server-sided language as it doesn’t get executed in user browser, but on the server. It can be used to generate dynamic webpage content.
11. SQL: This is not a programming language. It is used to interact with databases.

This list could be long because there are too many programming language but I introduced you to the popular ones.
So now its time for the question for today,

Which Language Should Be Your First Programming Language?

Well I don’t have the right to choose a programming language for you. So I will suggest you three of them,

1. Getting Started
Learn HTML & CSS. They are easy and will give you a basic idea of how programming works. You will be able to create your own webpages. After HTML you can go with PHP and SQL, so will have a good grasp over web designing and then you can go with python, C or Java. I assure you that PHP, HTML and SQL will be definitely useful in your hacking journey.

2. Understanding Computer And Programming Better
C..The classic C! C is one of the most foundational languages. If you learn C, you will have a deep knowledge of Computers and you will have a greater understanding of programming too, that will make you a better programmer. You will spend most of your time compiling though (just trying to crack a joke).

3. Too Eager To Create Programs?
Python! Python is very easy to learn and you can create a program which does something instead of programming calculators. Well Python doesn’t start you from the basics but with if you know python, you will be able to understand other languages better. One benefit of python is that you don’t need to compile the script to run it, just write one and run it.

So these are three suggested languages that deserve to be your starter and choice is totally yours.

I Chose A Language To Start Now What?

Now you need a resource to learn your desired programming language. It can be a book, a program or an online platform.
If you want to learn web languages (like HTML & CSS, PHP and SQL) w3schools is great website. I will not suggest you any other resource because w3schools.com is just great.

If have decided to go with python, you can try the book Learn Python The Hard Way. Its a great book written in easy language for starters and you can also try the website named codecademy.com and see if it matches your taste.

If you want to go with C then Head First C is great a book which will introduce you to the world of C in a pleasant way. You can learn C with www.learn-c.org

That’s all for now! I hope I clear some of your doubts.
We will upload a big compilation of books soon. Till then check out other articles by Ultimate Hackers.

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