My Programming Environment : Sublime, Red Shift, Stackoverflow

I asked people if I should write about what kind of text editor and stuff I use and I received positive response so here I am!


Operating System : I have a triple boot of Kali Linux, Parrot OS and Windows 7 but I rarely go out of Kali
RAM & Processor : 3 GB RAM and intel i3 processor (more specifications here)
Text Editor : Sublime
Additional Programs : Redshift (to reduce strain on eyes)

I love Red Shift

Before we start talking about the text editor let me introduce you to my mate, RedShift.

We all know that the blue light on our computer screen can cause eye strain and stuff so I use Red Shift! It automatically controls the blue light according to the time of day.

Enter the following command in terminal to install it:

apt-get install redshift redshift-gtk

First thing I install whenever I install a new linux distro is Red Shift. Do you use windows? Please don’t! Here is complete list of reasons to switch to Linux.

I write my code in Sublime

Most of the people recommend to use an IDE (Integrated Development Environment). IDE is a program which has many features to aid you in software development. They even have debuggers to test your script for errors.
Idea of an IDE sounds great right? I am against them. Everyone has their own opinion and I have my own.
I use sublime because it has everything that can me productive as a programmer but it doesn’t make me lazy and I want same thing to happen to you when you are following Ultimate Python course.
I want your programs to give errors on every single line. I want you to use google why your program caused an error. I want you to visit stackoverflow 10 times an hour. I want you to bang your head against a wall when you can’t solve the error, I want…enough!
So I am just saying that you shouldn’t use debuggers and all that fancy features because you have to learn how to write stable code and how to troubleshoot errors yourself.

I use sublime because it has everything I need. Wanna see?

best text editor

As you can see the interface is very distraction free. We have line numbers on the right so if you get an error on line 23 while running a program you can quickly see where’s line 23. The syntax is highlighted, integers are in blue, function names in green, statements in pink etc. Take a look at the top, there are many tabs which are basically different files which are opened up at the same time and I can switch between them easily. On top right, we have a small image thingy called mini map. When you are working with a program which has a large number of lines then you can simply take a look at mini map to figure out what is where.

Sublime is famous for number of themes it supports:

text editor

Now take a look this feature which I appreciate the most as a python programmer:

python text editor sublime

Do you know what are those white bars at the end of each line are? Cursors. Sublime has a multi-cursor feature which lets you edit multiple lines at the same times. Its very use full while adding or removing indention. It has also a dedicated option to convert tabs to spaces and vice versa which helps a lot in fixing stupid indention errors.

It can auto complete your variable names and stuff, take a look here:

It has build in spell checker. You can save a group of programs as a project with it and load them at any time. It is very very fast and stable. I am using it from past 6 months and it never crashed.
Do you want more features? There are a lot of plugins available for sublime.
So yeah, I don’t use any IDE for programming. I write my code in sublime and test it in the terminal.

I am using a very old version of sublime because installing it via deb package was easy when I was a beginner and I never switched to newer version later because it has everything I need. Actually it has a lot of features that I haven’t tried and as I am using an older version, its newer version should be better.

Installing the version that I use

Note: Its only for debian based Linux distros, for others and windows check next section

Run these two commands to install it:

dpkg -i sublime-text_build-3047_i386.deb

Installing newer version

You can download the newer version from here and for the installation instructions use google.

After installing your version of choice, open a python file with it and start checking all themes one by one and keep the one which suits you, the theme I use is Monokai. You should also increase the font in order to relax your eyes, you can do that with Ctrl + =. Last step is to adding it to your favorites so you can access it on the go.

Thanks for reading all my stupid views. Keep learning Keep coding.

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I am Somdev Sangwan also known as D3V. I am n00b and I love computers and hacking. I am a python freak and your friendly neighborhood hacker.

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