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Difference between DDoS and DoS

Welcome folks! Today we are going to know the difference between DoS and DDoS attacks. Let’s begin! Hold on! Before we start, You gotta read this first.

What are DDoS and DoS?

DDoS stands for Distributed Denial of Service and DoS stands for Denial of Service. These attacks are quite different from each others. Let’s start to learn about the difference between these two attacks.

What is DDoS?

As mentioned above, DDoS stands for Distributed Denial of Service which means the denial of service which is being passed in the form of packets that are distributed from different sources. How does it works? Let’s take an example. Somdev was bullied by some bullies in his school. Next day Somdev prepared himself and came to beat those bullies but he failed because he was alone and there were many bullies and Somdev was just one. Next day Somdev calls up his friends and the bad guy who was bullying Somdev lost this fight. What do you understand? When Somdev was alone, he was beaten up but when Somdev came up with his friends, he won the fight. Just same as that when attack is being processed by one source then the attack isn’t powerful enough against the target server but when the attack are from many sources then the server gets confused to respond multiple packet and finally it stops responding. So in simple words, DDoS is an attack which is being processed from many sources to one server that is victim/target server.

What is DoS?

It is clearly explained above that what is DDoS? Now what does DoS means? As DDoS stands for “Distributed” denial of server then what would DoS stand for? It stands for Denial of Service. Denial of service are the type of attack that is being processed from a single source. That means Somdev is now buffed, He thinks that he is alone enough to beat those bullies.

Which attack is stronger? DDoS or DoS?

We cannot judge the power of the attack because DDoS can be weak if the network of sources are not powerful. DoS can alone be strong because the source of the attack can be more stronger then expectation. But sometimes DDoS can also be strong? Confused right? This cannot be answered fully because the power depends on the source but if you think deeply then DDoS are quite powerful then DoS because if the target of the server have firewall and it blocks the incoming IP that sends multiple packets at the same time. DDoS are sourced from many IPs that can break down firewall too. So DDoS are considered to be more stronger then DoS attacks.


So we learnt about DoS and DDoS. We are pleased to you to share your point of view towards out article. Thanks!

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