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How do Internet Stressers/booters works?

Hey folks! Today we’re going to understand how do Internet booters/stressers actually works. You probably would’ve heard about many IP stressers online, didn’t you? Let’s learn how do they actually work.

What are Booters or Stressers?

Booters or Stressers are internet services which enable their client to do stress testing on their website/server so that they can measure their capacity of the server and upgrade accordingly so that no one can attack them in future. Booters and stressers are same and there is nothing different from them. It sends packets from spoofed server. However some booters will provide you free trial or free testing forever but with a limited power. Sometimes those booters are used for illegal purpose like to put down government websites/servers and etc. Depending on the privacy/policy, the booter may blacklist the host and if you do attempt to attack Law enforcement or any corporate servers for illegal purpose, they may pass on your IP to them.

How do they look like?

The screenshot below defines how do a formal stresser looks like.

free booter stressers list

How Booters/Stressers actually work?

Booters are conencted to spoof servers that helps then to execute the attack from the server. The owner of the server puts up an API and uses on the booter. Like a shell_exec is used to execute a command over the server to operate a script that will launch the attack. A shell command is being executed by the stresser Web Interface and then the attached server executes the attack on the target IP. Mostly booters/stresser are connected to many spoofed dedicated servers which attacks and takes down the website.


The chart below will explain how does a Booter/stresser works.

how booters work

It shows how is Stresser/booter is connected to various servers around the world and how all those servers are connected to each others.


I hope you understood about it.

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