[TOP 5] Best Gamepad for PC Under ₹1000 [May 2022]

In the world of online gaming, things can end up getting heated. When that happens, you are going to need an edge over the competition if you want to emerge victorious. So it’s time to look beyond the conventional Keyboard and mouse setup and the limitations that come with it.

A lot of games seem to be easier or more fun to play on a console in comparison to how they feel on a PC. This is because the controllers on these consoles offer a wider range of options and more flexibility.

A lot of games are designed to cater better to controllers as well, be it the missions in GTA V that involve helicopters and jets or battle royale games like Fortnite. Players using joysticks can maneuver better than the ones using keyboard and mouse setups.

Does this mean that your expensive gaming PC set-up is now obsolete in comparison? Absolutely not the good news is that you can get a gamepad for your gaming PC to exceed the limitations of the conventional Keyboard and mouse setup whenever it is needed.

The best part is that these gamepads won’t end up tearing a massive hole in your pocket; they are inexpensive and highly durable. Our team has prepared a list of the best gamepads for PC under 1000, so you can expand your gaming arsenal on a budget.

What Makes These Devices the Best?

These devices are handpicked after extensive research on the available products in the market for being the most user friendly while being extremely inexpensive.

Best Gamepad for PC Under ₹1000

Live Tech Live Tech
[TOP 5] Best Gamepad for PC Under ₹1000 [May 2022] 2
Dual Vibration Game Pad
  • Item Weight: 290 g
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Enter Enter
[TOP 5] Best Gamepad for PC Under ₹1000 [May 2022] 4
E-GPV Gamepad
  • Item Weight: 300 g
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Quantum Quantum
[TOP 5] Best Gamepad for PC Under ₹1000 [May 2022] 6
  • Item Weight: 316 g
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Redgear Redgear
[TOP 5] Best Gamepad for PC Under ₹1000 [May 2022] 8
Zonik Wired Gamepad
  • Item Weight: 330 g
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QuantumHiTech Merchandising Pvt. Ltd. QuantumHiTech Merchandising Pvt. Ltd.
[TOP 5] Best Gamepad for PC Under ₹1000 [May 2022] 6
QHM 7468-2V Joypad
  • Item Weight: 399 g
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So go right ahead and pick one of the best gamepads for your PC under 1000 from our list and get ready to take all your gaming endeavors to the next level.

1. Live Tech Turbo Double Vibration Gamepad

[TOP 5] Best Gamepad for PC Under ₹1000 [May 2022] 12

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The Live-Tech Turbo has been designed for durability and comfort, made out of high-quality material; it’s shaped to make sure that you have a firm grip when things get heated during games. The anti-slip rubber coating on the handles ensures that nothing untowardly happens to your controller because of sweat or grime.

User-friendly ergonomic design, the layout for the controls and joysticks have been made in a way that is standard and familiar, and they are specifically architectured to ensure that your fingers don’t get strained during long hours of gaming.

Top Features:

  • 8-way directional buttons to enhance your maneuvering abilities.
  • 12 firing buttons and 2 analog sticks to give you the edge in shooter games.
  • Two extra buttons specifically for clearing and turbo are making it user friendly.
  • Dual vibration from two inbuilt motors help you have a more immersive gaming experience since it helps games feel more realistic. E.g., feeling the recoil better when you shoot.
  • You get the maximum value for money at throwaway prices for a unit loaded with features.

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2. Enter USB Gamepad

[TOP 5] Best Gamepad for PC Under ₹1000 [May 2022] 14

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The Enter USB Gamepad is ergonomically-designed to ensure your comfort during your long gaming sessions. Something that sets this PC gamepad apart is its vibration feature that enhances your gaming experience with haptic feedback. It is embedded with a USB 2.0 port and also has backward compatibility with the USB 1.0 interface.

This USB gamepad brings a console-like gaming experience to desktops and laptops based on the Windows operating system. Designed for avid gamers, the USB game controller comes with a built-in motor. Two analog sticks are placed on the Enter USB Gamepad along with eight directional single buttons for maneuvering in the game. A set of 12 fire buttons is also present to help you perform various types of actions in the game.

All of these keys are relatively big in size and are strategically placed on the gamepad, so they are within your reach and don’t cause problems like fatigue and finger cramping.

Top Features:

  • Explicitly designed to give optimum performance with PCs.
  • 8-way directional control and two analog sticks.

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3. Quantum QHM7468 USB Gamepad

[TOP 5] Best Gamepad for PC Under ₹1000 [May 2022] 16

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The Quantum QHM7468 comes with 360 Degree Rotatable Joysticks. These joysticks give you the ability to choose how slowly you can move around or how aggressively you’re steering. 360-degree movement in first-person shooters provide you with a full range of movement in all possible directions and help in having more fluid movement that can help you avoid getting shot in games like CS go.

The concave “D” shape is made to improve movements by restricting unwanted movements by your thumbs.

The controller offers two analog sticks for fluid movements, a D-pad, 4 main action buttons,
specific extra buttons for start, back, analog buttons, two shoulder triggers to make shooter games more realistic, and two smaller shoulder bumpers.

Top Features:

  • 8 buttons on the gamepad to ensure directional precision and better control.
  • 10 action buttons for different functions in complex games like Assassin’s creed and one specific slow button.
  • Has dual vibration in the gamepad to ensure a more realistic and immersive gaming experience.
  • Fast response attack that is specifically built to give you an edge while playing online multiplayer matches.

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4. Redgear Zonik Wired Gamepad

[TOP 5] Best Gamepad for PC Under ₹1000 [May 2022] 18

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The Redgear Zonik Wired Gamepad is ergonomically designed to have a strong grip to help hardcore gamers stay ahead of the competition. It has an enhanced trigger to improve the gaming experience. This Gamepad also offers a dedicated switch for shifting between X-input mode and direct-input.

Comes with a standard layout that’s easy to remember and convenient to use on a daily basis. The Redgear Zonik has two analog triggers, two analog sticks, and a long cable to help make connecting it to the PC an easy task.

Top Features:

  • The gamepad has an integrated dual intensity motor, which allows a realistic gaming experience. Now experience the subtle difference between good and great gaming during the crashes, bumps, and shots where you’ll feel realistic and proportional feedback.
  • Convenient to use since it is compatible with most Windows operating systems, and there’s no need to download any software to use it. All you have to do is plug and play
  • Keys are designed with high-quality material to ensure that they respond optimally to human touch.
  • Compatible with both X input and direct input.

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5. QHM 7468-2V Joypad

[TOP 5] Best Gamepad for PC Under ₹1000 [May 2022] 16

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The QHM 7468-2V Joypad comes in various colors, designs, and interfaces, making it a prime choice to go with your gaming PC set-up; no matter what components you already have, this gamepad is sure to go along with it and blend in with the rest of your arsenal.

The parts are all rubberized and texturized to ensure that there is no possibility of the controller slipping or skipping during any point of the gameplay. This gamepad is also easy to use, with just plug and play being required and no need for additional software for operating systems that are windows 7 and above. A CD is necessary for operating systems that vista and older in order to make them compatible with the gamepad so that vintage game enthusiasts can play games like Mortal Kombat 4 with greater control.

Top Features:

  • Individual turbo and clear buttons make the process of using this gamepad easy and hassle-free.
  • Two-way vibration to make the gaming experience more realistic and immersive.
  • The D-pad slides over four independent keys to ensure that the buttons are more responsive and have a tactile feel.

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Now that the gaming industry is growing, it’s time for gamers to expand their horizons to keep up by updating their arsenal of gaming equipment.

The gamepads mentioned in the above list are the perfect addition for any gamer that is looking to get ahead in existing games as well as the ones looking to play futuristic games like Cyberpunk 77 and fully experience every part of what the game has to offer in terms of gameplay.

The gamepads will completely change your perspective on PC gaming by unlocking a whole new world with many more elements and factors that you wouldn’t have ever seen before while just using the conventional keyboard and mouse setup.

While the keyboard and mouse setups remain the primary mode of gaming, it is still better to use gamepads in certain aspects of the game to fully experience all that it has in a more realistic and interactive way.

The gaming pads mentioned in the above list have been picked for having the best available features in the market while falling under the tight budget of just 1000. They are the crop of the cream and will be reliable during the many gaming sessions you will enjoy, and their durability ensures that you will have them for a long time.

So what are you waiting for? Go get yourself one of these gaming pads and enjoy your gaming experience like never before.

Note: prices keep fluctuating with time, and buying offline may be cheaper. However, it is always better to buy from authorized dealers.

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