Gaming Computers vs Console! Which One is Best for Gaming?

Why buy a gaming computer? Aren’t gaming consoles better? Why would someone spend more than a thousand dollars on a computer when they could get a PS3, Xbox, or Wii for a fraction of the price? Why sit at a desk when you can lounge on your couch and play games on a big screen TV. If you have to ask these question you probably have never played games on a gaming computer, or at least not on a proper gaming PC. Don’t get me wrong; I have an Xbox One S. But it is no replacement for my big, bad, power-hungry, gaming computer.

Consoles are Old

Gaming Computers vs Console! Which One is Best for Gaming? 2

First things first, a console cannot compete with a properly configured computer designed for gaming. The technology that is in your console is 6-7 years old. Keep in mind that your console is nothing more than a miniature computer that plugs into your TV. It has a CPU, a hard drive, and a video card. All of which is six years old. How many of you are reading this on a six-year-old computer? That’s right. Technology is nearly obsolete in 6 years.

Consoles are for the Masses

Consoles definitely have their place. For those who just want a trouble-free, plug and play experience, and are willing to sacrifice texture, resolution, and eye candy to get it a console is a perfect fit. It’s like settling for a Honda Civic instead of getting Ferrari. The Civic will get you from point A to point B, it’s much less expensive, it has the same basic features, and the learning curve is smaller. The Ferrari, on the other hand, is more expensive but will blow the doors of the Civic from a performance standpoint. With all of that extra horsepower you need must be a more experienced driver, and you might just need to learn how to drive a stick. I can’t really think of a better analogy to compare consoles to PCs.

Role-Playing and First Person Shooters are Better on Gaming Computers

Gaming Computers vs Console! Which One is Best for Gaming? 4

Think about your average strategy or role-playing game, especially when you play online. Think about trying to type out a conversation with a controller or navigating all of those menus. It just isn’t realistic. Sure, you can just use a headset to communicate, but sometimes I just don’t feel like listening to a 12-year-old whine while I’m gaming. There are much fewer 12-year-olds with gaming computers than consoles.

If you’ve never played a first-person shooter on a PC, you should try it. Once you get used to the keyboard/mouse controls, you will quickly see that there is no substitute. There is a reason they keep console gamers and pc gamers separate for online play.

For the same token, I find that sports games like Madden are better on a console and I do prefer my Xbox controller for football.

I’m going to conclude my rant here in a moment as I seriously doubt I’m going to successfully convert many console gamers and my pc gamer brethren already know everything that I’ve just said. However, I thought I would leave you with some video of games played in Consoles vs PC.

Before we jump into the videos, I want to point out that the games in which the console and the PC seem to be reasonably close is because the game was designed for the console and ported over to the PC. As such, it is not taking full advantage of the capabilities of the PC.

So this was kind of small comparison between Gaming Computers vs Console, hope you might have found this article informative, stay updated for more of such gaming-related articles & updates.

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