[Best] Gaming PC Build Under ₹30,000 in India [May 2022]

Are you thinking of building a best budget gaming PC under 30,000 rupees?

Well, If you have landed through google search results, then obviously you are in search of the Best Gaming PC components, which altogether can come under the pricing of 30k.

If so then you don’t have to visit anywhere else because we are here to help you, after doing a lot of in-depth research and trying and testing almost everything, we have curated the list of best pc components which can altogether cost you around 30k INR, and after making a PC Build using these components, you will able to play most of the games at recommended settings.

Best Gaming PC Build Under ₹30,000 in India.

So without any more delays, let’s get straight to the point and begin the list of those pc components.

CPU (Processor) CPU (Processor)
[Best] Gaming PC Build Under ₹30,000 in India [May 2022] 3
AMD Ryzen 3 3200G
  • Processor Socket: Socket AM4
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Motherboard Motherboard
[Best] Gaming PC Build Under ₹30,000 in India [May 2022] 5
  • Item Weight: 699 g
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PSU (Power Supplying Unit) PSU (Power Supplying Unit)
[Best] Gaming PC Build Under ₹30,000 in India [May 2022] 7
Corsair CV450 450 Watt
  • Wattage: 450 Watts
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[Best] Gaming PC Build Under ₹30,000 in India [May 2022] 9
Corsair Vengeance LPX 8GB DDR4
  • RAM Size: 8 GB
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Solid State Drive Solid State Drive
[Best] Gaming PC Build Under ₹30,000 in India [May 2022] 11
Kingston Q500 240GB
  • Item Weight: 68 g
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HDD (Hard Disk Drive) HDD (Hard Disk Drive)
[Best] Gaming PC Build Under ₹30,000 in India [May 2022] 13
Western Digital WD10EZEX 1TB
  • Hard Disk Size: 1 TB
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Cabinet Cabinet
[Best] Gaming PC Build Under ₹30,000 in India [May 2022] 15
  • Item Weight: 4.7 kg
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Keyboard Keyboard
[Best] Gaming PC Build Under ₹30,000 in India [May 2022] 17
Ant Esports KM500W
  • Included Components: Keyboard & Mouse
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Now let us get in-depth of each and every product listed above, and let’s find out why they are so good to be added in the list of best gaming pc build under 30k.

1. CPU (Processor) – AMD Ryzen 3 3200G

[Best] Gaming PC Build Under ₹30,000 in India [May 2022] 19

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This is one of the best budget CPU for gaming. The CPU AMD Ryzen is based upon the Zen plus architecture. It has four cores, four threads, 3.6 GHz base clock, which is boostable up to 4 GHz, 2933MHz System Memory with two channels. On the GPU side, it has a core clock from an 1100 MHz to 1250 MHz.

This is the best CPU in which you can spend your money if you are building a gaming PC, and if you don’t want a graphics card, then this is for you because it already comes along with internal graphics.

There is a higher ram frequency base support. It went from 2667 to 2933. It is a pretty standard set up 16 GB of Corsair Vengeance  Pro RGB, and the boost clock of it is four GHz.

So that’s about what you can expect from the 3200 G out of the box, and It is tested that in a lot of games at 1080p, you can get actually seriously respectably playable frame rates, which is good enough for most casual or even slightly enthusiastic players out there.

You can get 60 FPS on most games at lowest settings, of course, but you can still play most triple-a titles and most of the most popular games right now by picking up a Ryzen 3200G getting over 60 FPS in all of the titles at 720p and even some of them at 1080p. So you can enjoy a really very good gameplay experience with this.

The most exciting part of it is the GPU overclock, which gives 1800 MHz. This is a big difference in just this cost, and you will get graphics cards plus a CPU. And it just makes it so that you can actually play most of the modern games at a really respectable and enjoyable frame rate.

2. Motherboard – MSI A320M-A Pro MAX

[Best] Gaming PC Build Under ₹30,000 in India [May 2022] 21

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If you are searching cheap and compatible AM4 motherboard, then this MSI A320m-a PRO MAX is the right choice for you. It is possibly the most compatible AM4 motherboard that works with almost everything from Ryzen 3 1200 up to Ryzen 9 3950x.

It gives you the facility to connect it with any latest and ultra-fast storage devices and provides you the best gameplay experience by its fast loading speed. Also, it is designed with a solid and massive heatsink to keep your pc cool and gives you a reliable performance experience.

This motherboard has 32GB dual DDR4- SDRAM and 2 ports ( 2 x USB2.0, 6 x USB3.2 Gen 1 Type-A, 1 x Ethernet LAN (RJ-45), 2 x PS/2, 1 x HDMI, 1 x DVI-D).

It supports DDR4 up to 3200 speeds. The audio boost of this motherboard uses the premium quality audio components that give you the studio-grade sound quality.

This motherboard is excellent and values for money with its convenient features and smart design.

3. PSU (Power Supplying Unit) – Corsair CV450 450 Watt 80 Plus Bronz

[Best] Gaming PC Build Under ₹30,000 in India [May 2022] 23

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A good power supply device is also needed in the PC components to take the experience of good gameplay and working. And for this we recommend you to go with Corsair CV 450 watt 80 plus bronze. It is ideal for supplying continuous and efficient power to your home/office PC.

It gives full wattage to your system with less heat and low energy consumption at any wattage of your home/office. Its design is very compact that can easily fit into any modern PC cases. Also, it sounds very quiet, even at high speed.

It is really compact and small in size, just 150 mm by 125 mm. It looks beautiful in black color and perfectly matches your system, but it is non-modular. The cool thing is 80 plus bronze certified. Also, it comes with a five-year warranty, so no need to worry if anything happens to it.

4. RAM – Corsair Vengeance LPX 8GB

[Best] Gaming PC Build Under ₹30,000 in India [May 2022] 25

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Now we come on the RAM that is from Corsair, and the model name is Vengeance. According to research, Corsair Vengeance is one of the most famous lines of RAM. If you are searching for a beautiful, attractive, and powerful RAM for your PC building in the budget, then you should go with this Corsair Vengeance LPX DDR4 RAM.

It is able to fit into more compact setups. The smaller heat spreader may have a small impact on overclocking ability. As the RAM will theoretically be less able to display heat, but the low voltage nature of DDR4 should more than make up this.

You can purchase this Vengeance LPX in four different colors – red, blue, black, and white. So it will be fit well into your most setups. It is designed for x99 chipset, which supports quad-channel memory, and Vengeance LPX is built to utilize this to its maximum potential.

It has really super-fast speed and better capability, and it consumes less power, just only 1.2 volts.

5. SSD – Kingston Q500 240GB

[Best] Gaming PC Build Under ₹30,000 in India [May 2022] 27

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The next essential component is SSD (Solid State Device). Here we recommend the SSD Kingston Q500, which is ten times faster than an HDD ( Hrad Disk Drive) with incredible read and write speed. It increases the performance as well as give the new life to your old system.

It is ideal for desktops and notebooks. Moreover, it is shock and vibration resistant. So it is reliable when you use a laptop and other mobile computing devices. It is available in multiple capacities, like 120 GB, 240GB, and 480 GB.

This SSD Kingston Q500 is designed to fit anyone’s needs and can be adjusted in any system with limited available space. Also, its installation is effortless, you just have to plug the power and the SATA cable, and it is all ready to go.

6. Hard Drive – Western Digital WD10EZEX 1TB

[Best] Gaming PC Build Under ₹30,000 in India [May 2022] 29

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The next comes Hard Drive that is also an essential part of the PC components. Here we suggest the Western Digital WD10EZEX Internal Hard Drive with 1TB storage capacity. Do you know, this HDD is massively popular and best selling drive.

This WD (Western Digital) drives operate at a 7200 RPM rotational speed and has 64Mb of the cache. It offers a tremendous amount of storage for not so much money, so its a super cost-effective solution for mass data storage.

This is rock-solid reliable and gives pretty good performance for data storage for years and years. Moreover, it is easily compatible and comes with universal device access.


[Best] Gaming PC Build Under ₹30,000 in India [May 2022] 31

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Next, here is the Cabinet from CHIPTRONEX. It is is one of the cheapest and decent RGB mid-tower cabinets that comes with the tempered glass and one preinstalled & automatic RGB fans. It has a front spectrum RGB strip bar that can be controlled by the RGB control button. You can change the front RGB strip’s color mode by using this RGB control button.

This Cabinet supports up to 240mm Liquid Cooling Radiator on front and 120mm radiator on top and rear. It also supports the 3 x 120mm fans in the front, 2 x 120/140 mm fans on top, 1 x 120mm fan in the back.

It has I/O port on the top panel in which USB3.0 and Two USB2.0 ports are available that helps you to transfer the data at high speed. Moreover, this Cabinet supports the maximum VGA card length is 365mm, and the maximum CPU cooler height is 156 mm. Also, it has two SSD points on the front side and HD audio port on the top side.

8. Keyboard – Ant Esports KM500W Gaming Backlit Keyboard

[Best] Gaming PC Build Under ₹30,000 in India [May 2022] 33

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In the last, we are talking about the Ant Esports KM540 gaming backlit keyboard. The good thing is this keyboard comes in a combo with the mouse, and they both come in a very low budget. This is an LED wired gaming keyboard that is ergonomic and wrist rest keyboard.

Its mouse is adjustable, programmable, And comes with rainbow LED-backlit for fantastic gameplay experience. It has four adjustable DPI and advanced gaming optical sensor.  This combo of keyboard & mouse comes with multiples colors that give you the tremendous gaming world experiences.

The keyboard is very durable and gives you the independent crater structure for longer service life at least twice of the standard wired computer keyboard. Also, it is slip-resistant and compatible with almost all modern systems.

This combo is easy to use, accessible, and naturally fits into your hand. Even you can customize your own mouse with the help of seven programmable buttons.

This was the list of best pc specs you can consider when building a gaming pc under 30,000. We have provided all product buying links along with the product, so you buy them from Amazon too.

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