[Best] Gaming PC Build Under ₹40,000 in India [Apr. 2021]

Online Gaming has been widely populated in a few recent years. And along with it, devices specifically designed for the gamers have taken over the market. If you are an e-sports enthusiast, then you must be willing to acknowledge at once the importance of a good gaming console or a PC build for the perfect gameplay. To get the best possible gaming experience, the ergonomics, the speed, the lighting effects, everything plays a significant role. But what if you have a limited budget?

You are sure to find innumerable devices in the gaming market at a different price range. To make your job easier, we have reviewed all the major brands of gaming components and the features they offer. And we have come up with the best of them, at an affordable price too.

Here’s a list of recommendations of components, which on assembling, would give you the best gaming PC Build under 40,000.

The Components You Would Need Are:

To build a complete gaming PC build under 40000, you would require:

Intel Core i3-9100 9th Gen Intel Core i3-9100 9th Gen
[Best] Gaming PC Build Under ₹40,000 in India [Apr. 2021] 3
CPU (Processor)
  • Processor Count: 4
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Motherboard Motherboard
[Best] Gaming PC Build Under ₹40,000 in India [Apr. 2021] 5
  • Processor Socket: LGA 1151
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[Best] Gaming PC Build Under ₹40,000 in India [Apr. 2021] 7
GIGABYTE Radeon RX 570
  • Ram Size: 4 GB
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[Best] Gaming PC Build Under ₹40,000 in India [Apr. 2021] 9
Corsair Vengeance LPX 8GB DDR4
  • Memory Clock Speed: 3000 MHz
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[Best] Gaming PC Build Under ₹40,000 in India [Apr. 2021] 11
Crucial BX500 240GB
  • Hardware Interface: SATA 6.0 Gb/s
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PSU (Power Supplying Unit) PSU (Power Supplying Unit)
[Best] Gaming PC Build Under ₹40,000 in India [Apr. 2021] 13
Cooler Master MWE 450W
  • Voltage: 220 Volts
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CPU Cabinet CPU Cabinet
[Best] Gaming PC Build Under ₹40,000 in India [Apr. 2021] 15
  • Item Weight: 4 kg
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Keyboard & Mouse Combo Keyboard & Mouse Combo
[Best] Gaming PC Build Under ₹40,000 in India [Apr. 2021] 17
Zebronics Zeb-War Keyboard
  • Colour: Black
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Keyboard & Mouse Combo Keyboard & Mouse Combo
[Best] Gaming PC Build Under ₹40,000 in India [Apr. 2021] 19
Zebronics Zeb-War Mouse
  • Colour: Black
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Here, in this article, we have brought all of these to you after careful review of each of the devices.

What Makes the Devices the Best PC Build Under 40K in India?

This ensemble promises to give you the best of their performance to tighten the excitement of your gaming marathons. It allows you to access most of the top-notch features of the high-end models without having you to splurge much. You would certainly be proud of your choice.

Now, without much ado, let’s look into the features that each of the components that we chose for you has to offer.

1. CPU (Processor) – Intel Core i3-9100 9th Gen

[Best] Gaming PC Build Under ₹40,000 in India [Apr. 2021] 21

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The 9th Generation Intel Core i3-9100 desktop processor is one of the best in its price range. It has 4 cores and 4 threads that provide quite excellent performance with a processor base frequency of 3.60 GHz. The Maximum Turbo Frequency offered is 4.2 GHz. The processor features the advanced Intel Turbo Boost 2.0 Technology and also comes with an included Thermal Design Power solution of 65 watts.

Intel Core i3-9100 has a hard drive with 1 terabyte memory of the GDDR4 type. It also sports Intel Smart Cache with a memory of 6 MB. The processor has a maximum memory size of 64GB. It offers a maximum memory bandwidth of 37.5 GB/s with 2 memory channels.

On the downside, the processor is only compatible with Intel 300 Series chipset based motherboard and also requires discrete graphics.

Top Features:

  • The processor is powered by Intel Turbo Boost 2.0 technology, providing exceptional performance and productivity.
  • It supports Intel Virtualization Technology (VT-x)
  • Comes with Thermal solution, included in the package
  • Has Enhanced Intel SpeedStep Technology
  • Protected by Intel Software Guard Extensions (SGX) as well as Intel Memory Protection Extension (MPX)

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2. Motherboard – MSI H310M PRO-VDH Plus

[Best] Gaming PC Build Under ₹40,000 in India [Apr. 2021] 23

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The MSI H310M PRO-VDH Plus from the MSI Pro series motherboard promises to deliver a super-stable and reliable performance, lasting for a long duration. This motherboard is specially designed to suit the needs of professional gamers and content creators. It is compatible with both 8th and 9th Generation Intel Core/ Pentium/ Gold/ Celeron processors and supports an LGA 1151 socket.

It has an EZ Debug LED, which helps you in troubleshooting in the easiest way possible. The motherboard supports DDR4 memory type up to 2666 MHz. It features high professional-grade audio quality to give you the most fantastic sound experience. The MSI Audio Boost delivers excellent audio effects through the premium quality audio components that will give you dynamic experience during your Gaming sessions. It is engineered with heavily plated heatsink and PCI-E Steel slots. With these fantastic features, this motherboard undoubtedly comes under the best gaming PC build under 40000.

Top Features:

  • Features X-Boost software that helps you to automatically detect any performance lag and allows you to boost up the performance of any storage or USB device.
  • Included fan headers for optimum cooling of the system
  • EZ Debug LED that allows easy troubleshooting
  • High-Quality Audio Boosting Ability
  • Supports all the latest video standards

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3. GPU – GIGABYTE Radeon RX 570

[Best] Gaming PC Build Under ₹40,000 in India [Apr. 2021] 25

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Gigabyte Radeon RX 570 is a high-quality Graphics processing unit, powered by Radeon RX 570. It comes with a WINDFORCE 2X cooling system with 90mm Blade Fan Design. It has three pure copper composite heat-pipes that offer an effective heat dissipation capacity. This feature serves to deliver higher quality performance at optimum temperature.

Also, the RGB Fusion 2.0 technology allows it to come with 16.7 million colour options with numerous customizable lighting effects. It has the ability to synchronise with other AORUS devices. It sports a stylish metal backplate that has increased durability and rigidity. It also features an Intuitive AORUS Graphics engine for enhanced graphics display.

The GPU is manufactured with highest-grade chokes and capacitors to deliver outstanding performance and to have increased longevity. The core clock runs in two different modes. The overclocking mode allows a frequency of 1255 MHz, and gaming mode has 1244 MHz.

Top Features:

  • Has composite heat pipes that allow 29% increased cooling capacity by combining both thermal conductivity and phase transition technology.
  • The pure copper heat pipes are designed to have maximum direct contact with the GPU.
  • Allows one-click overclocking with 6+1 power phases
  • Engineered with ultra-durable materials
  • Features 16.7 M colour options with personalized lighting effects.

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4. RAM – Corsair Vengeance LPX 8GB DDR4

[Best] Gaming PC Build Under ₹40,000 in India [Apr. 2021] 27

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The Corsair Vengeance LPX DDR4 with a memory of 8GB comes in several colour options to match with your motherboard. It supports a relatively low profile design to fit in smaller internal spaces comfortably. It has highly efficient Aluminium head spreaders that provide faster and effective cooling by pulling heat away from the ICs. It is compatible with almost all major motherboard brands available in the market.

Vengeance LPX allows high-performance overclocking. It comes with a custom performance PCB that helps in managing heat and also provides improved overclocking headroom. It also supports XMP 2.0 that allows automatic overclocking without any hassle.

The RAM is optimized for supporting all the latest DDR4 systems and offers higher frequencies, greater bandwidth along with low power consumption than the DDR3 modules. All the features make it a definite choice to be included in gaming PC build under 40000.

Top Features:

  • Built with pure Aluminium heat spreaders to allow quicker and even heat dissipation
  • Modelled to fit in limited space.
  • XMP 2.0 enable it for superior overclocking
  • Each IC has undergone separate inspections for the best performance potential.
  • Can automatically adjust to deliver the fastest possible speed
  • Comes with a limited lifetime warranty

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5. SSD – Crucial BX500 240GB

[Best] Gaming PC Build Under ₹40,000 in India [Apr. 2021] 29

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Solid State Drives are a better alternative to conventional Hard drives as they offer significantly faster performance and more reliability. Crucial BX500 will add
Flash memory to your Desktop computer and increase its speed manifold. It can load files quicker and also boot up faster.

Crucial BX500 has a massive memory of 240 GB and is also write cache enabled. It supports ATA modes and works on SATA 6GB/s interface.
It comes with a user-friendly instruction guide and how-to videos so that you can install it without any hassle.

Its operating temperature is in a commercial range of 0°C to 70°C. The minimum voltage input capacity is 4.5V, and the maximum limit is 5.0V.

This drive has an improved battery life too. It has low power consumption technology and is 45x more energy efficient than other traditional hard drives.

Top Features:

  • It is 300% faster performance than other conventional hard drives.
  • Has improved overall system responsiveness
  • A massive memory capacity of 240GB.
  • Energy-efficient in nature.
  • Can read with a speed up to 540 MB/s and has a writing speed of 500 MB/s.
  • Comes with a 3-year warranty offer.

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6. PSU (Power Supplying Unit) – Cooler Master MWE 450W

[Best] Gaming PC Build Under ₹40,000 in India [Apr. 2021] 31

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Cooler Master MWE delivers the best performance as you will expect of a top tier power supply at an affordable price. The device comes with an efficient circuit design that protects your system at all times. It has a cooling system with minimal noise with 120 mm blades. The HDB fan works smoothly, without any friction.

The Cooler Master has passed the 80 plus certification for 230V. It guarantees efficiently as high as 85% during normal use. MWE is highly energy efficient too. It only consumes less than 0.5 watts when the system is in standby mode.
It is modelled to operate at a temperature of 40°C and also promises added security and productivity in warm conditions too. It is designed to be damage-resistant along with various extra security measures. It provides full standard protection: Over voltage protection, Short Circuit Protection, Over Power Protection, and also Over Temperature Protection.

Top Features:

  • It is highly durable. Provides high efficiency and low noise
  • Highly energy efficient. You won’t have to pay huge bills.
  • Engineered to work in raised temperature
  • Increased protection measures to give you the best security possible

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7. CPU Cabinet – CHIPTRONEX X310B Mid Tower ATX Cabinet

[Best] Gaming PC Build Under ₹40,000 in India [Apr. 2021] 33

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The Chiptronex X310B RGB mid-tower CPU cabinet is designed to support a super speed USB 3.0 port and two USB 2.0 ports. It also features an HD Audio port, which is perfect for any home user. The chassis also supports up to 2× HDDs and 1× SSD.

It comes with an amazing cooling system which can allow three 120mm blade fans on the front of the chassis and comes with an inbuilt 120 mm fan at the rear. It can support a CPU cooler of height up to 150mm and GPU of about
280mm lengths. It also allows the user to hide the internal cables measuring up to 150mm length, providing the opportunity for greater airflow. This, in turn, helps in better cooling to all the components within your system.

The X310B cabinet features a stunning RGB strip in the front, which gives excellent LED illumination. Just a button press on the top will give you access to enjoy an astonishing lighting effect. The CabinetCabinet is compatible with standard ATX, Micro ATX, and Mini ATX motherboards.

Top Features:

  • The Cabinet comes with pre-installed RGB LED illumination.
  • It has a fully acrylic panel that gives you a clean and clearer view.
  • It is compatible with various connectivity. e.g. USB 2.0, USB 3.0 and HD Audio
  • The Cabinet features multiple drive bays.
  • It also comes with an efficient cooling system.

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8. Keyboard and Mouse Combo – Zebronics Zeb-War Gaming (Black)

If you are looking for affordability, nothing can beat a combo deal. Zebronics brings you a combo of keyboard and mouse, specially designed for gamers that are bound to give you the ultimate gameplay experience.

Zeb-War Keyboard

[Best] Gaming PC Build Under ₹40,000 in India [Apr. 2021] 35

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The Zeb-War Gaming Keyboard runs on a USB interface and has a total of 104 keys with twelve integrated Media control keys. All keys support an Enable/Disable function. It can endure a maximum of 12 million full power keystrokes in its life span. It is ergonomically designed with a 2-step stand for your hand support. All the keycaps are laser engraved that mitigates the risk of the characters to wear off.

The keyboard works with a power consumption of DC 5V and less than. 100mA. It has a corrosion-free gold plated USB cable. The cable is braided and of 1.8-meter length.

The keyboard also features a stunning RGB LED illumination that allows four different modes of lighting effects and brightness control.

Top Features:

  • It features integrated multimedia keys with laser keycaps.
  • Has a two-step stand to prevent excessive straining of your hands
  • Has great durability.

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Zeb-War Mouse

[Best] Gaming PC Build Under ₹40,000 in India [Apr. 2021] 37

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The mouse is ergonomically designed and compact that guides smoothly on most types of surfaces. It features a High Precision optical sensor. The mouse, too, has a USB connectivity with a gold plated cable. The USB cable is 1.8 meters long and is of braided type for better durability.

The mouse has six buttons in total. The buttons can endure 3 million clicks. It has a resolution with four different dpi adjustments: 1000/ 1600/ 2400/ 3200 dpi. There is a dedicated button to control the dpi settings, that can be operated forward and backward. It also features a breathing LED illumination.

Top Features:

  • The mouse offers an impressive LED illumination.
  • It has a dedicated button for DPI adjustments. It can be adjusted to four different levels.
  • The mouse has a high precision optical sensor.

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Picking up components to assemble a Gaming PC is surely a daunting job. With so many options available in the market, it’s easy to get dazzled. Most of the time, we tend to overlook the essential aspects like the features and durability, that must be taken into account before purchasing any device.

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So, keeping in mind all the requirements that a gamer might need, we have come up with these components. With all the essential elements at an affordable range, these components have rightfully earned their place in the Best gaming PC build under 40000 in India!

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