[Best] Gaming PC Build Under ₹90,000 in India [May 2022]

In today’s world, a lot of fields require the usage of a high-end PC to function. This is not just restricted to gaming-centric fields like Esports or streaming for YouTube, Twitch. This is also essential for anyone that is looking to deal with a career in any kind of media since the PC needs to be able to process and display visuals in the highest resolutions without glitching or getting stuck.

A lot of these fields use complex softwares for their jobs that an ordinary budget build pc India usually has cannot handle due to the high level of specs required for their operation. So in order to have the best performance and have the best possible experience with the latest high-end games, you will need to have the best gaming pc configuration under 90000.

It is not just sufficient to just spend a lot and buy the most expensive components because a lot of things must be looked into while setting up a gaming pc under 90000 apart from just the cost. The components you are buying should not just have the highest specs but also be reliable, durable, and compatible with each other in order to have the best pc configuration under 90000.

Does this mean that you will have to conduct backbreaking research to figure out a long list of requirements for the right list of components to build the best pc configuration under 90000? Thankfully we have got you covered with that. Through an extensive research of the market, we have handpicked a list of components that are perfect on all counts to build the best desktop computer under 90000.

[Best] Gaming PC Build Under ₹90,000 in India [May 2022] 2

Since a PC does not come completely packaged as a single unit with a fixed set of features, this means that you can customize and choose the specifications of your build. However, since there are a lot of moving variables, it can end up with a lot of mistakes that a layperson can end up making, like buying components that aren’t compatible with each other or maybe buying components that will be compatible but cause problems like bottlenecking each other to prevent a smooth functioning of your PC.

Let us get started with a list of the components that you will need to build the best desktop pc under 90000.

Best Gaming PC Build Under ₹90,000 in India

Here’s a list of components you will need to build the Best PC Configuration Under 90000.

CPU (Processor) CPU (Processor)
[Best] Gaming PC Build Under ₹90,000 in India [May 2022] 4
AMD Ryzen 7 2700X
  • Processor Count: 8
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Motherboard Motherboard
[Best] Gaming PC Build Under ₹90,000 in India [May 2022] 6
MSI B450 Tomahawk MAX II ATX
  • Processor Socket: Socket AM4
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[Best] Gaming PC Build Under ₹90,000 in India [May 2022] 8
Gigabyte Nvidia GeForce RTX 2060
  • Graphics Card Ram Size: 6 GB
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[Best] Gaming PC Build Under ₹90,000 in India [May 2022] 10
Thermaltake TOUGHRAM RGB 16GB
  • Memory Technology: DDR4
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[Best] Gaming PC Build Under ₹90,000 in India [May 2022] 12
WD Blue SN550 250GB NVMe
  • Digital Storage Capacity: 250 GB
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Hard Drive Hard Drive
[Best] Gaming PC Build Under ₹90,000 in India [May 2022] 14
Seagate Barracuda ST1000Dm010 1TB
  • Memory Storage Capacity: 1 TB
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[Best] Gaming PC Build Under ₹90,000 in India [May 2022] 16
Corsair CV650
  • Wattage: 650 Watts
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Cabinet Cabinet
[Best] Gaming PC Build Under ₹90,000 in India [May 2022] 18
  • Item model number: MATREXX 55 V3 ADD-RGB 3F
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[Best] Gaming PC Build Under ₹90,000 in India [May 2022] 20
ZEBRONICS Gaming Multimedia M/KB Combo
  • Mounting Hardware: 1 Keyboard, 1 Mouse
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Fan Fan
[Best] Gaming PC Build Under ₹90,000 in India [May 2022] 22
Ant Esports Superflow 120 Auto RGB
  • Item model number: Superflow 120 Auto RGB V2
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Now that we have a list of the components needed to build a gaming PC let us look into what specific models you’ll need to build the best pc configuration under 90000.

Why Pick These Devices?

After a lot of research and comparison with similar models, these devices have proven to be the best available ones in the market while being in the budget range required to build the best desktop under 90000.

This list has been picked and made in order to save your time and show you the best available options in the market which you can choose to build the best desktop under 90000.

So without any further ado, let’s get into the list of components that will help you build the best pc under 90000.

1. CPU (Processor) – AMD Ryzen 7 2700X

[Best] Gaming PC Build Under ₹90,000 in India [May 2022] 24

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The AMD Ryzen 7 2700X is a state of the art second-gen processor with a whopping eight cores and 16 threads that allow mind-blowing levels of multi processing performance. The processor provides great levels of speed with a base clock frequency of 3.7GHz and a maximum boost of 4.3 GHz. This processor is made with cutting-edge AMD architecture and maintains the thermal design power to 105W.

The Ryzen 7 2700X also comes with a cache of 20mb that makes processing smooth and hassle-free. It offers a memory interface of DDR4 with two memory channels at the frequency of 29333MHz.

This processor comes with an AM4 socket that makes it compatible with all mainstream AMD series chipset based motherboards.

Top Features:

  • It comes with a fantastic inbuilt cooling system consisting of the Wraith PRIZM with RGB cooler. This makes sure the processor is cooled sufficiently, which ensures stable performance even when the processor is handling intensive tasks. The LED-controlled RGB fan gives your setup a flamboyant look.
  • It comes with fantastic technology from AMD like the AMD storeMI, which reduces boot time and enhances file management.
  • It is built to ensure an optimal overclocking experience like every AMD processor.

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2. Motherboard – MSI B450 Tomahawk MAX II ATX

[Best] Gaming PC Build Under ₹90,000 in India [May 2022] 26

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The MSI B450 Tomahawk MAX II ATX is a top-notch motherboard that is compatible with the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Gen AMD Ryzen / Ryzen with Radeon Vega Graphics and the 2nd Gen AMD Ryzen with Radeon Graphics / Athlon with Radeon Vega Graphics Desktop Processors for Socket AM4.

The Tomahawk MAX II ATX supports DDR4 type memory, helping it reach higher frequencies up to 4133 (OC) MHz. MSI extended heatsink and enhanced circuit design to ensure that even high-end processors run at optimum speed. This motherboard comes with an audio boost to ensure that you get the best of an immersive gaming experience.

Top Features:

  • It comes with a fully isolated DDR circuit to deliver pure data signals for the best gaming and overclocking performance.
  • It comes with a PCle Steel Armor, which ensures the VGA cards’ durability by protecting them against bending.
  • It comes with a flash BIOS button where you can flash any BIOS with just a USB—making it convenient to use.
  • It comes with a core boost in the form of a premium layout and fully digital power design to support more cores and provide better performance.

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3. GPU – Gigabyte Nvidia GeForce RTX 2060 OC 6GB GDDR5

[Best] Gaming PC Build Under ₹90,000 in India [May 2022] 28

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The RTX 2060 OC 6GB GDDR5 is an excellent high-end graphics processing unit powered by GeForce RTX and is made to cater to all your high-resolution graphics processing needs. The cooling system is a technological marvel with the Gigabyte wind force stack cooling with three fans. It runs on alternate spinning that turns the middle fan in the opposite direction. The airflow direction between the two fans is the same, reducing the turbulence and enhancing the airflow pressure. It comes with composite heat-pipes that combine thermal conductivity and phase transition to efficiently manage the heat transfer between two solid interfaces, which increases cooling capacity.

The angular and unequal fins height channels the airflow through the fins and increases the size of the contact surface, and results in minimized noise and a better cooling capacity.

The RAM for the graphic card is 6GB and works on the PCI-E interface. Speed is never going to be a problem with 1920 Cuda cores and three display ports of 1.4 and one of HDMI 2.0.

Top Features:

  • The DirectX 12 ultimate brings a whole new level of realism and clarity to next-gen gaming.
  • It gives high rates of frames per second, which means you’ll always have the upper hand in online gaming.
  • Real-time ray tracing to ensure clarity of three visuals are mesmerizing with highlighted contrast, high levels of brightness, and sharpness.

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4. RAM – Thermaltake TOUGHRAM RGB 16GB (8GB x 2)

[Best] Gaming PC Build Under ₹90,000 in India [May 2022] 30

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The Thermaltake TOUGHRAM RGB comes with a dual storage of 8GB each and comes in 10 super-bright addressable LEDs delivering 16.8M full-spectrum RGB color with dynamic lighting that makes your gaming set-up shine and stand out.

The TOUGHRAM RGB comes with an amazing cooling system consisting of a high-performance brushed aluminum heat spreader for optimal heat dissipation.

This RAM is built to support overclocking that’s made of a 10-layer PCB construction to give it stability during overclocking. The memory chips are screened carefully to provide optimal frequency and response time performance. It is also Intel XMP 2.0 ready, meaning it auto-adjusts your RAM to stay at the safest yet highest speed.

The RAM is manufactured to be compatible with the DDR4 interface and operate smoothly.

Top Features:

  • It comes with real-time temperature, frequency, and performance monitoring, so you’ll know how your RAM functions.
  • The RAM is extremely durable and reliable thanks to the use of 10μ gold fingers.
  • Each of the RAM modules weighs up to 79.8g and a heatsink of 60.2g that makes it challenging and delivers outstanding heat dissipation.

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5. SSD – WD Blue SN550 250GB NVMe

[Best] Gaming PC Build Under ₹90,000 in India [May 2022] 32

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When you’re building a high-end PC, it’s always smart to have an SSD along with a hard drive since the extra memory and speed can give you an edge over the competition in the long run. The WD Blue SN550 250GB NVMe enhances your system’s performance with its next-gen NVMe.

The SN550 comes with a decent 250GB of memory that can store all your high-res photos, videos, sound files, games, and much more. With write speeds up to 1950mb/s, reading speed up to 2400mb/s, this SSD caters to all your storage needs in an instant. This is guaranteed to give a faster-performing PC.

The drive functions on a PCle x gen 3×4 interface four times faster than SATA SSDs.

Top Features:

  • The western Digital SSD Dashboard continuously monitors your SSD’s health, making sure the performance is optimal.
  • This SSD is friendly on both your pocket and the environment with high performance and low power consumption maxes out at only 3.5W.
  • This SSD is slim and compactly designed to fit in any PC build.

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6. Hard Drive – Seagate Barracuda ST1000Dm010 1TB

[Best] Gaming PC Build Under ₹90,000 in India [May 2022] 34

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Seagate is renowned for making cost useful high storage drives for PCs with sufficient space of 1TB. This, when paired with the SSD mentioned above, will fulfill all your storage needs.

Transferring files will never be a problem with its full-track multiple-sector transfer capability without local processor intervention, ensuring that the entire process will be smooth and hassle-free.

This drive runs on the SATA 6GB/s, has a 64mb cache, and completes 7200 rotations per minute, which means you can store heavy data like 4k resolution videos without fearing any glitches.

Top Features:

  • It comes with the sea tools diagnostic software that performs a drive self-test that eliminates unnecessary drive returns, making your storage process more efficient.
  • It has algorithms to correct any errors during the process itself.
  • It has an inbuilt command to increase performance in demanding applications.
  • Noise-free operation.
  • Made with Seagate smart align technology that gives an easy transition to advanced format 4K sectors.

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7. PSU – Power Supplying Unit – Corsair CV650

[Best] Gaming PC Build Under ₹90,000 in India [May 2022] 36

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The Corsair CV650 is a high-performance PSU that always delivers the full rated wattage of continuous power.

The enclosures are built to consume minimal space at 125mm and will fit almost every modern PC setup with ease. A 120mm thermally controlled low-noise fan spins slowly, steadily, and efficiently, switching to higher speeds only when it needs to deal with high loads of power.

The Corsair CV650 has passed the 80 plus certification. The unit gives up to 88% operational efficiency when used commonly, making it the best choice for your wallet and the environment.

Top Features:

  • They are designed with black sleeved cables and a black powdered coated casing that looks good with any PC set-up by blending in.
  • Occupies minimal space making it the ideal fit for your PC set-up.
  • The 120 mm thermally controlled fan ensures that the unit does not get heated up while remaining virtually noiseless.
  • 88% operational efficiency, which means it consumes less electricity and heat, which is great for your pocket and the environment.
  • It is made with high-quality material that ensures the durability and reliability of this unit.

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[Best] Gaming PC Build Under ₹90,000 in India [May 2022] 38

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The DEEPCOOL MATREXX 55 V3 ADD-RGB 3F cabinet is designed to equip one super speed USB 3.0 port, two USB 2.0 ports, and one port for audio/mic along with one RGB button.

This cabinet also comes with a fantastic cooling system consisting of three pre-installed 120mm ADD-RGB fans and cooling compatibility. Optimized airflow is guaranteed with large air intakes on two sides of the front panel and an air exhaust in the back and top to keep your components cool. It also supports the installation of 120/140/240/280/360mm radiator liquid cooling system in the front, a 120/140/240/280mm radiator liquid cooling system on top, and a 120mm radiator liquid cooling system in the back.

The ATX computer case supports motherboards up to E-ATX and a graphic card that’s as big as 370mm. The cabinet comes with three 120mm Addressable (ADD) RGB fans, and an ADD RGB strip is pre-installed at the front.

The lighting system includes five pre-programmed lighting effects (dynamic color, static, breathing, comet, and fashion collision). Under the control of the RGB button on the I/O panel or motherboards with an addressable RGB sync function giving your PC a striking look that makes it stand out.

Top Features:

  • It has a tempered glass side panel, which makes for a clearer view.
  • It has a unique RGB lighting system that sets the right atmosphere for gaming.
  • It comes with an inbuilt 210mm wide tower compartment (23mm clearance) to make sure your cables aren’t tangled all over the place.
  • It has a separate PSU shroud to keep the components organized and separate.

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9. Keyboard & Mouse Combo – ZEBRONICS Gaming Multimedia M/KB Combo

A mouse and a keyboard are essential controllers to operate any PC. So when you’re buying them, make sure you get the best of performance and cost-effectiveness by purchasing a combo instead of buying them separately.

Zeb Gaming Multimedia USB Keyboard

[Best] Gaming PC Build Under ₹90,000 in India [May 2022] 40

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The Zeb Gaming Multimedia Keyboard runs on a USB interface and has 104 keys with twelve integrated Media control keys. All tickets support an Enable/Disable function. This durable gaming keyboard can withstand up to 80 million full power keystrokes. It is ergonomically designed with a 2-step stand to minimize the risk of hand fatigue. All the keycaps are laser engraved, which means you don’t have to worry about them wearing off.

The keyboard works with a power consumption of DC 5V and less than. 100mA. This unit comes with a gold plated USB cable that ensures you don’t have to worry about rust or corrosion. The line is braided and of 1.8-meter length.

The keyboard also comes with a multi-color LED set-up with four modes – 3 Light Mode & 1 off Mode)

Top Features:

  • They are built to be durable and long-lasting.
  • It is made with a light and sturdy aluminum body.
  • It is built with an ergonomic two-step stand to prevent fatigue on your hands.

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Zeb Gaming Multimedia USB Mouse

[Best] Gaming PC Build Under ₹90,000 in India [May 2022] 42

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The mouse is ergonomically designed to be compact and functions smoothly on most types of surfaces. It is also equipped with a high precision optical sensor.
The mouse has USB connectivity with a gold plated cable as well. The USB cable is 1.8 meters long and is braided to last longer.

The mouse has six buttons in total. The buttons last up to 2.5 million clicks. It has a resolution with four different dpi adjustments: 1000/ 1600/ 2400/ 3200 dpi. There is a dedicated button to control the dpi settings that can be operated forward and backward. It is also equipped with a breathing LED illumination setup featuring seven colors.

Top Features:

  • Has breathing led illumination system of 7 colors?
  • It comes with a button specifically for dpi settings that move forward and back.
  • A high precision optic sensor that works on almost any surface.

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10. Fan – Ant Esports Superflow 120 Auto RGB

[Best] Gaming PC Build Under ₹90,000 in India [May 2022] 44

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The Ant Esports superflow is designed with dual rings. This enhances your lighting to give the best possible visual effect. It is also compatible with almost every mainstream motherboard in the market.

It comes with cutting edge noise reduction technology that provides you optimum cooling with a quiet working environment.

This fan features cutting edge shock, absorbing shims at every corner to protect the fan and reduce vibration noise between the fan and the chassis.

The Ant Esports superflow is a fantastic combination of futuristic technologies like jet engine & helicopter blade, which provide static air pressure without compromising the airflow.

Top Features:

  • Extremely efficient cooling that reaches speeds up to 1200 ± 10% RPM.
  • It is made of best in class technology that gives the best and most reliable performance.
  • Amazingly quiet, with sound levels being lesser than 20 decibels.
  • It is made with durable material that gives it a life span of 30,000 Hrs.

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Conclusion :

You might be also interested in reading out other PC Builds article on Best Gaming PC Build Under 80000, Best Gaming PC Build Under 70000 or Best Gaming PC Build Under 60000.

The list of components given above are the best available devices thanks to their amazing inbuilt features and high-performance specs that they provide.

The above devices are also compatible with each other and will run and function smoothly to ensure that you have the best desktop under 90000.

So when you decide to build a gaming pc under 90000, be sure to refer to the list given above for the components you will require. If you’re looking for a desktop under 90000, then it is understood that you have a wide range of options to choose from thanks to your big budget.

This list has been compiled after extensive research to ensure that you don’t get misled by all the substandard components and only choose the high-quality ones that you can always rely on for high performance and will be durable enough to last you for a long time.

So all you have to do now to build the best PC under 90000 is go through the list mentioned above, check out the prices and buy the best gaming components to extract the highest possible performance from your PC.

We are sure that these components can be purchased, assembled, and used without any hassles, which will give you the best possible PC experience without any of the grunt work that goes into choosing the components.

Note: prices fluctuate and vary with time and region. Buying these components offline might be cheaper. However, it is always better to buy from verified dealers that deal in genuine parts with a warranty and guarantee.

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