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Getting A Girlfriend : The Hacker’s Way

Hi guys! I want to tell you a story, a story about how I fell in love with a stranger and made my way to her heart with hacking. So…let begin!

Meeting Her

About an year ago, I was traveling to Delhi in a train. I was lying on upper berth, wearing a nice maroon shirt and faded jean. Weather was nice and I fell asleep.
When I woke up, maybe after an hour, I saw a girl on the lower berth. She was a fair colored girl with dark brown hair. She was wearing a black suit. She was beautiful but I am not that kind of guy who hits on random girls and moreover she was with her family.
Rule #1 Never approach an Indian girl when she is with her family members.
So I started browsing memes on facebook and she was talking with her friend. I don’t know what they were talking about but she was laughing and at that point I fell in love with her innocence. She was on phone for about 5 minutes and then she suddenly stopped talking and asked her brother to top up her phone because her balance was over and she wanted to talk to her friend. Here’s convo:
She: Bro, can you please recharge my phone? I want to talk to my friend.
Bro: Ok. *He opened up PayTM app maybe*
She: *looking into his phone* Bro! Not this number, the DoCoMo one.
Bro: DoCoMo one? I don’t know that number, I know your Idea number only *DoCoMo and Idea are telecom companies*
She: Ok write down my number. 981241…
No bro! its 41 not 39!
Bro: Ahhh! Can you please write it down yourself

Damn! I was about get her phone number. I had just 6 digits and they were meaningless.
20-30 minutes passed and she started to get bored. I got a phone a call and due to network problem I was talking a bit loud and hence she ‘noticed’ me. She was like there’s a guy up there whom I didn’t see.
She looked at me several times during the journey but I am not fool who would take it as a hint so I thought its normal (because I don’t look good at all).
I don’t know how time passed so fast, we reached Gurgaon already and the whole family stood . I wasn’t expecting that, she looked back at me and smiled. That moment made my day and I was smiling like crazy.
But soon I realized that how I am gonna contact her? Oh fuck man! I knew that she is the one but there was no way to contact her. I quickly opened up notes app and wrote down every info that I had about her. Annnnnnd here’s what I had:
1. She was travelling to Gurgaon. I don’t know from where she boarded the train because I was fucking asleep. I don’t know if she was traveling to her home town or she was visiting her relatives or something in Gurgaon.
2. Her name is Neha. Thanks to her mom :p
3. First 6 digits of her number, 981241
Lol! I had absolutely no idea about why I am writing this meaning but I saved it in my phone and plugged in my headphones.

Finding Her

fbi hack

When I came back from Delhi, she was still running through my mind and then I took the biggest decision of my life.
I decided to find her.
I could have done a lot of things if I had her phone number but I only had six digits. I could have tried searching her name on social networks but I know only her first name i.e. Neha.
After thinking about all the possible ways I got an idea.
We all know that there are many apps and websites that can find name, region carrier etc. of a SIM owner. I was thinking if I can bruteforce all the possible combinations of remaining 4 digits I can find her details.
I started to look for website that would be an easy target and I found one in no time.
I decided to write a python script for it and its objective was simple, try all the possible combinations of 4 digits and print the phone number whose result has “Neha” in it.
Here’s small snippet from the script. You can check the full script here.

for number in four_digit: #Checking a combination from the list of all possible combinations
	url = 'numberfinder.com/find.php?q=981241' + number + "&submit=ok" #Making request to site
	result = urlopen(url).read().lower() #Reading the response
	if 'neha' in result: #Checking if neha is in the response
		print number #Prints the combination whose result has neha in it

I started the script and decided to take a nap because it was 1 AM already.
I woke up 10 AM and first thing I was did was to check if my python script found anything.
Guess what? It found 8 numbers whose owner was ‘Neha’.
Ah I should have prepared for that but I didn’t. I went to my girl friend’s house (girlfriend and girl friend have different meanings) and I told her about the matter and what I did so far.
She went through three reactions after listening to me.
1. What the actual fuck?
2. *Laughed really loud*
3. Really nigga?
She was laughing but she asked me ‘What can I do for you?’. I told her to call all of these numbers and talk to the owner for at least 15-20 seconds so I can try recognize the voice and accent.
She called the first number, then the second and as soon as the she spoke with the owner of third number I wanted to scream but covered my mouth and looked at my friend. She smiled at me and gave me a hug.
Awesome!!! I have her number now!
I saved her number with the name ‘Crush’ and refreshed my whatsapp but her name didn’t appeared there.
No problem! I searched her number on facebook but still no luck.
But hey! Do you know there’s setting in facebook by which you can prevent people from finding your account with email address and phone? Well I know a simple method to bypass that :p
Just log out of your account and on the login page enter the number/email and try random password 2-3 times then click on ‘Forget Password’ and enter the email/phone number and you will get the account right away!

So I found her full name, Neha Dhankhar <3
I checked her profile without any wasting any time and and I found a loads of information.
1. Her one picture (Profile picture is always public) *I got a good wallpaper*
2. She studies at Cambridge School. *I can do a lot with the school website *
3. She works at Studying *lol*
4. Her hometown is ‘Hissar, Haryana’ and now she lives in ‘Rewari, Harya’
6. She likes Justin Bieber, Shah Rukh Khan and Dogs *Now I like them too *
5. She is a female, she is alive, she is single and she looked back and smiled at me.

Now I have two options
First Option: Send her a friend request and talk with her
i) What if she doesn’t accept my friend request?
ii) What if she says ‘Fuck off you creep!’?
iii) What if she says “Yeah I smiled at you but as a friend” ?
i) Its simple and easy

Second Option : Somethings else

I decided to go with the second option. I had to be different than all these fuck boys. I had to be someone she can fall in love with.
So I decided that I will ‘learn’ more about her. So I searched for her school and boom! First result was her school’s website. It was a static HTML website with 6-7 webpages.

There was a page where you could download school results for the current class as pdf. I could have downloaded it but I wanted to check if previous results are also stored in on the webserver.It wasn’t a feature rich website so there was nothing much to do.
How to punch a person who is stronger than you? The answer is, you shouldn’t.
And thats exactly what I am gonna do.
I performed a reverse IP lookup with this website and found out that there were 946 websites hosted on the same server.

So I have a huge *coughs* very very huge attack surface now.
I randomly clicked on a website and it was down, i clicked on other one and it was down too so I copied like 15% of the URLs and supplied them to a mass URL checker.
Cool! I got alive websites right away. Just 50 minutes into hacking and chill and I got a webshell over the server exploiting one of those website and it wasn’t hard to gain a root shell after that.
It didn’t take me long to find and clone the data of her school’s website.
Every thing went according to the plan, all results since the school was founded was still there.
I checked for her name one by on and found her name in 4 sessions. School was founded 8 years ago while she joined it 4 years ago.
Well there was a column that had email addresses of students *if available*. She told me later that they used to send homework on phone as well as the email address. Unfortunately she haven’t provided her email address. Fuck man!
But at least I got her birth date, mother’s and father’s name and yeah…now I know she is good at maths by seeing her marks *I don’t hate maths anymore*.
I didn’t know what I was going to do with this info but I felt good.
Alright, now what next?
Sun started to set and I didn’t really know so I decided to go with ‘Stalking’.
Stalkscan.com a great website for reconning a facebook user.
I was able to see the groups she have joined, her posts from 2016 (she turned on privacy setting later), apps her account was linked to and I had access to her like and comment activity as well.
All I did that night was to learn what kind of girl she was and I fell in love with her again after knowing her.
Well there’s thing that made me laugh, she was using/used autolikers and they were still linked to her account.

One thing was clear that she didn’t know anything about cyber security. I mean who the fuck uses autolikers? Well I plotted a phishing attack. I created a facebook account with the name “Facebook Support” and sent her this message:
A facebook user recently reported your account for sending out spam. After reviewing your profile , we’ve decided to follow up with you directly. When we think a profile may be fake or spamming on facebook, we ask them to confirm their identity. If we see something on a profile that goes against the Facebook Community Standards, we remove it.
You must confirm your identity within 3 days otherwise your account will be marked as bot and will be removed soon.
Confirm your identity: *******.com/confirm.php
Learn more: ******.com/help.php
Thanks to those good days when there was no such feature as message request and hence message reached her without any filtering.
You must be wondering what was in those links? Did she fell into the trap? Did I got frienzoned?
Find out in Part 2: Getting A Girlfriend : The Hackerโ€™s Way โ€“ Part 2

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I am Somdev Sangwan also known as D3V. I am n00b and I love computers and hacking. I am a python freak and your friendly neighborhood hacker.


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