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Getting A Girlfriend : The Hacker’s Way – Part 2

Welcome back! In the previous part, I wrote about how I found her and stalked her like a creep. Now lets talk about what happened  after that.

So I sent her a phishing link which had a page like this:
creative phishing
I added the ‘Confirm with phone’ option to make it more trustable.
I was checking my mail every hour to see if she fell into the trap or not and after 12-13 hours I got her password and that was “IloveyouJatin”. Jatin was probably her boyfriend’s name.
I got a mini heart attack, but I decided not to go back. I had her password and I thought it would be easy to get access to her account because we live at a distance of 54 km so location based blocking would not be a problem.
But I was wrong, facebook asked me to confirm my identity by entering the OTP they would send at Neha’s phone number. I didn’t have access to her phone so I clicked on ‘No longer have access to these?‘ and then they asked me to upload a government issued ID proof.
Well that was a piece of cake for me, I downloaded an ID card that was available online and edited it with photoshop. I had her full name, picture, father’s name and date of birth so I just had to put them into the card.
So I uploaded it and they told me that they will contact me in a day or two.
In those two days, I got enough time to think about all the shit I did to her privacy. I took a deep breath and sent her a friend request from my own facebook account and messaged her a simple “Hi Neha“..
Luckily, she was online and she saw my message real quick. She accepted my friend request and started to type something and this was our convo:

She: Who are you?
Me: Umm we “met” like a week ago in the train , I was wearing a maroon shirt and was lying on the upper berth. Don’t you remember?
She: Oh hi. But how did you find me?
Me: *I told her how I got her number but not other stalking shit*
She: So much effort :p
Me: Yeah. Well I wanted to say that I think I am in love with you.
She: *typing*
Me: Hey! I don’t want to know your ‘answer’. I just wanted to express what I feel for you.
She: *stopped typing*
*pause of 10 seconds*
She: Oh alright

So we started to talk and became good friends in a month. I never tried to mess things between her and her boyfriend, I never texted her when she was chatting with Jatin.
Time passed and we had been talking since 8 months, our relationship grew stronger and we started sharing everything. I also told her how I stalked her and she was shocked but didn’t get annoyed.
And one day, we were a playing a game where you ask questions and the other one has to answer it honestly.
So she asked me ‘Do you love me?’
‘Yeah, I have fallen in love with you like three times. First, when I saw you laughing while you were adjusting your hair. Second, when I stalked you and third when I really got to know you.’ I replied.
She threw another question at me, ‘Why don’t you propose me again?’
I said, ‘Because you are in a relationship and I don’t want to be a problem. If we can chat like this everyday and can grow old together, I am ok with it’
She said, ‘You know what, we can be more than that. I think I have started to love you as well.’
I was shocked for real. I texted, ‘Really?’ but she went offline before reading my message.
I was very happy and nervous as well. Anyways, I went to sleep and when I woke up I saw something unexpected. She blocked me.
I went through all the conversation we had the previous day to find something that would have annoyed her but everything seemed fine.
My eyes got wet, but instead of crying in a corner I said to myself that this story can’t end like this.
I tried to log into her account with the 8 months old password ‘IloveyouJatin’ but failed. I tried some common passwords like qwerty1234, password, her number and also tried to log in with passwords like mylovejatin, ILoveJatin, ilovejatin, ilovejatin1 etc. but none of them worked. But hey she said she loves me so I entered IloveyouSomdev and I was in.
I opened her inbox and saw three messages from her boyfriend, Jatin:
– I will destroy your life.
– So don’t dare to talk to him again.
– Hi sweety.
That was really very disturbing. I read all the recent chats and found out that she told him that she wanted to break up because she started to love someone else (me :p ). And I don’t know why but he got angry at her and told her that if she tries to get in a relationship with someone else then he will morph her pics and will upload them online.
I was like, dude wtf? What kind of guy he is?
I unblocked myself and told her about what I saw and told her to go to police.
She: I can’t go to police. You don’t know him. His father is a very powerful person.
Me: It will be fun then. Give me 24 hours and he will be gone forever from your life.
She: How?
Me: You don’t know me. *Thug Life*
I turned off the chat and started to think of every single thing that I could do about it.
Two hours passed but I wasn’t able to make any solid plan.
I messaged Neha and asked her if she can send a link to her boyfriend, she said yes.
My plan was to get his IP Address and Browser so I can perform targeted attacks but then I decided to go further.
I opened up BeEF which is a Browser Exploitation Framework and I love it.
After that, I created a website and uploaded a webpage on it with title ‘10 things girls want from their boyfriend‘, the content was copied obviously.
Well it wasn’t a plain webpage, it contained a IP logger and a malicious script (used by BeEF).
That malicious script would help me takeover his browser if possible. Yeah I know BeEF logs the IP and stuff as well but I inserted the IP logger to make sure things don’t go wrong.
Alright, it was time for action!

No dude, not so fast! I had to focus on hiding myself too.

Well I live in a village and there’s city which is 7 km away from my village. I go to that city in like 1-2 times a week whenever I need to buy stuff. Well there’s a mobile shop and I use that shop’s WiFi connection to download movies whenever I have free time. Their WiFi password is 12345678 smh. So I went there, sat on stairs of the restaurant near it and spoofed my MAC Address. Then I connected to the WiFi and accessed their router’s web interface by entering the IP Address of the router in the address bar of my web browser. I got the IP Address of the router with ifconfig command. Login page or you can say the admin panel of the router opened up, you can find the default credentials for a router model with google but admin-admin works most of the times and it did. By having router access, I was able to port forward the ports and I forwarded port number 3000 so I can use BeEF.
Then I sent her the link and asked her to forward it to Jatin by saying something like “I will love this if you can do this to me in bed 😉 “.
I was sure that it would work because I am a boy.
So she sent him the link and boom!
BeEF got the session! He was using a PC, running Mozilla Firefox. I don’t remember exactly but I think it was Firefox 41.0 and the latest version at that time was 51.0 I guess so he was running an outdated version of Mozilla Firefox. I appreciate that.
I used the Pretty Theft module under the Social Engineering tab in BeEF interface.

hack facebook passwords with beef

He entered the credentials like 99% people do and got them. Hacking his facebook account wasn’t my motive, I wanted to get a shell over his PC so I started to prepare a payload which I could send through a plugin update or something.

Unfortunately, my laptop’s battery went down and I didn’t have the charger so I had to get back home.

First thing I did was to change my MAC Address again. Why? I will answer that later. After that, I removed the malicious script from the webpage I created and posted 2 other articles so it doesn’t raise any alarm. After that, I booted into Kali Linux Live and logged into Jatin’s account via tor browser and I used mobile version which doesn’t use javascript. I also turned on a tor bridge so I can hide the fact that I am using TOR.

I knew exactly what I had to do, I sent dick pics to all his relatives. After that I posted this from his account

I am D4RK_H4X0R from team BR0_C0D3. Our team helps innocent girls suffering from blackmailing and similar stuff. A girl reported that you are blackmailing her and thats why I am warning you to stop doing that. I know your father is a very powerful person but we have evidences which clearly proves his corrupted works. I have access to your younger sister Satakshi’s account as well and the nudes she sent to her boyfriend are really nice and they look even better in my porn collection. I have infected your phone as well as your computer as a gift. I hope you are wise enough to understand what I am trying to say. Otherwise I will destroy everything that your family possesses.
I live in Delhi, find me if you can.

Every single thing I said in that post was a lie. My alias name and place was meant to disguise them. I said all other stuff to scare him because I am not a bad guy.
But yeah,

For  friends, I seek revenge. For love, I pour blood.

I logged out from his account and pulled out my live USB. Then I asked Neha to delete all chat between us and I deleted them from my side too. I don’t know what happened to that guy’s life after this but he never dared to contact her. It wasn’t easy to track me, I used a WiFi in first place so they would get the IP Address of that router and from there they could have get MAC Address of the devices but I spoofed mine. And in the later part, I used TOR *fingers crossed*.

After a week of this incident, I met Neha in her city Rewari. We hugged each other really hard. She kissed me on my left cheek and I kissed her on forehead. We talked for hours, holding hands. I confessed for everything I did in past and she looked in my eyes and said “My friends have BOYfriends, But I got a MANfriend.”

date a hacker we break security not hearts

—————————————————- THE END —————————————————-

Thanks for reading. I hope you enjoyed reading it and learned something new.

Don’t try to find her or something because all the places, names etc. I mentioned are fake.

If you are a beginner in hacking and want to learn things from scratch then you can visit our Start Here page.

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I am Somdev Sangwan also known as D3V. I am n00b and I love computers and hacking. I am a python freak and your friendly neighborhood hacker.


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