Join Us

Would you like to be an Ultimate Teamer? We have decided to form a team comprising of security personnels, programmers, active learners having a wide range of skill sets.

Who we are ?

We are a bunch of learners excelling in different areas based on security. Here we want to deal with all of the ‘security stuff’. We make things and break ’em. We don’t believe in talks, we believe in code. We hack things to ‘learn’.


  • Learning and ONLY for LEARNING!
  • Scribble out what we have learned into writeups.
  • Make things ‘1 bit’ innovative! 😉
  • Cook up some fresh tools which helps ourselves, and others of course.
  • Utilizing the team’s expertise to provide pentesting services and solutions to corporates around the world.
  • We are also looking to organize cyber-security events, CTFs and freshly designed competitions.


What we expect from you ?

Cheer up! We don’t expect you to be an elite hacker or programmer. The following are the things we are looking for :-

  1. Good experience in at least one scripting and one programming language.
  2. You must have good amount of exposure at least in one specific field. ( For example: Binary Exploitation )
  3. We don’t believe in your degrees and certificates. We want your passion in the field. We want to see your limits!
  4. Show us the works you have done in the past.
  5. What are your expectations and what you wanna do in future ?

Areas/Fields we are interested in :

  1. Web Apps.
  2. Network Security.
  3. Wireless Hacking.
  4. Reverse Engineering.
  5. Malware Development. (Both Offensive – Defensive)
  6. Binary Exploitation & Exploit Development.
  7. Kernel & System Exploitation.
  8. Hardware Hacking & Hardware Security.
  9. Cryptography.
  10. Social Engineering.

What do we pay?

We don’t have a commercial perspective from the start! 🙂 But we do pay you with something invaluable – ‘Knowledge’ and a team you can brag of 😉 Be an Ultimate Teamer!

Please DO NOT apply for joining if you don’t meet the criteria, it will save time for both of us. 🙂

I am member of a team or working for an organization at present.