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Who are we?

We are a group originated on Facebook now a fast-growing hacking community named Ultimate Hackers. We’re the people having a vision of making the hacking community a better place by helping each other by learning and sharing.

The team of core members of Ultimate Hackers is called Team Ultimate. At present, Team Ultimate has 4 members:

  1. Somdev Sangwan: He is the leader (not a boss) of Team Ultimate. He is a web application security researcher as well as our ace social engineer. He loves programming and developed some awesome programs as well.
  2. MD Wasil Ansari: He is a technology freak and an excellent web developer. Sysadmin as well as webmaster of Ultimate Hackers. He also handles Team Ultimate’s marketing and SEO.
  3. Nidhish Pandya: He is good at web application security as well as system exploitation. He is also a malware analyst as well.
  4. Shivam Shrirao: He is into networking and system exploitation. He spends most of the time reading about computers and physics.

What’s our aim?

For now, we are focused on learning. We have been contributing to the open source society and teaching beginners how to hack. We are looking forward to being a pen testing team as well as bug hunting. We are doing security research, we will be developing exploits and shit.

Why should you join us?

You will get to work with real hackers. You will get fame and exposure. You will be learning a lot after being part of the team. You can write articles for the website which may also earn you some pocket money.

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Note: If you are unable to submit the form then you can contact us on our facebook page.

Note: If you are unable to submit the form then you can contact us on our facebook page.