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MD5 Buster : “Crack” MD5 hashes in 5 seconds

MD5 Buster is a python script which uses online hash crackers to find cleartext of a MD5 hash. Currently it uses three hash cracking services and only supports non-salted MD5 hashes. But I am looking forward to add more crackers and support for other hash types in upcoming releases.

Why use MD5 Buster?

  1. It finds the cleartext in less than 5 seconds and sometimes in 2 seconds.
  2. Its open source so you can modify it as per your needs.
  3. Support open source community

Downloading and Running MD5 Buster

You can download MD5 Buster from its Github repository as a zip or tar file.

If you are a Linux user then open theterminal and enter

After that, navigate to MD5 Buster by entering

Now run the program by entering

Now the program will open and ready to aid you in hash cracking

md5 buster hash cracker

MD5 Buster uses three servers at present:

  1. Alpha: MD5 Decryption
  2. Beta: MD5 My Addr
  3. Gamma: Nitrxgen

MD5 Buster uses the services in the order they are. First two services will do the trick most of the times and will find the hash in 2 seconds if you have a good internet connection. If the first two services fail to find the hash, Nitrxgen service is used which is relatively slow but its database is readily growing and it likely to have your hash in its database. I have cracked a hundreds of hashes with MD6 Buster and it never took 6 seconds. It always does the shit in less than 5 seconds.

So checkout MD5 Buster and star it on Github if you like it. If you want to see more of our works, click here

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About the author


I am Somdev Sangwan also known as D3V. I am n00b and I love computers and hacking. I am a python freak and your friendly neighborhood hacker.


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  • Thanks for choosing my service 🙂 and I actually appreciate being 3rd choice. The reason mine’s so slow is because people are always requesting huge volumes of hashes 24/7, usually all at once instead of one-by-one. Remember: If you have huge text files of hashes, submit them to a more suitable service designed to accept large volumes of data. Regards.

    • You service is awesome! But its a bit slower than the other two, that’s why I added it to the third place. So if a common hash is requested, the first two services can resolve it faster, otherwise it gets transferred to Nitrxgen.
      Your database is so good that I don’t think need to add any more services to MD5 Buster 😉

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