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What Is A Proxy? How To Use Proxies? Are They Safe?

Proxy…Proxies…Proxy Servers
These are some words that you will encounter often in you hacking journey and with this article I will introduce you to the world of proxies and will clear some misconceptions too.
So lets get started.

What Is A Proxy?

Lets see what WikiPedia has to say about proxies,

Proxy server is a server that acts as an intermediary for requests from clients seeking resources from other servers.

Okay! It means proxy server is a server which sits between client and server and exchanges requests made by them.
So normally (without proxies and stuff) when a client connects to a server, the connection happens to be like this
are proxies safe
And when you (client) use a proxy, the connection becomes like this,
how proxies work
So why will someone add another server between his computer and the server he is trying to access?
Well there can be different reasons and some of them are:

1. Bypassing Restrictions:
It is one of the most common use of proxies. Like if your school has banned Facebook then you can use a proxy to bypass the filter. Your computer will interact with the proxy server (not with Facebook’s server) and that proxy server will connect to Facebook and you will be able to use Facebook. *Like A Boss*
And it can be used to bypass Geographical Restrictions too. Like if a website is banned in India I may use another country’s proxy server to bypass this filter.

2. For Anonymity:
One may use a proxy if he wants to hide his IP Address. Theoretically, the proxy is interacting with the target server at the behalf of the user so his IP Address is safe.

3. For Faster Browsing: If a proxy server has cached resources (like webpages) that you will need, it can give you a faster browsing experience.

Types Of Proxies:

On The Basis Of Protocols Used:
1. HTTP: As its name suggests it used for browsing

2. HTTPS: Another proxy type for browsing but the connection is encrypted in this one.

3. SOCKS4: It can be used as a proxy for browsing as well as for another programs which use TCP protocol.

4. SOCKS5: Better version of SOCK4 which supports TCP as well as UDP protocol. It also supports authentication mechanisms and Domain Name Resolution (DNS).

On The Basis Of Anonymity

Transparent Proxy: This kind of proxy will identify itself as a proxy server and your IP Address will be visible to the target server through HTTP headers. So it doesn’t provide any kind of anonymity.

Anonymous (Elite) Proxy: It identifies itself as a proxy server too but it doesn’t include your IP Address in the HTTP Header.

Distortion Proxy: It identifies itself as a proxy server too but it includes a wrong IP Address (not yours) in the HTTP Header.

High Anonymous Proxy: It doesn’t identifies itself as a proxy server and it doesn’t include your IP Address in the HTTP Header.

How To Use A Proxy?

1. Open Menu and click on Preferences
use proxy in mozilla firefox

3. Go to Advanced–>Network and click settings
setup proxy in firefox

4. Select Manual and add your proxy
configure add proxy
Save your changes and you are ready to go.

Is it safe to use a proxy?

I will not answer this question, keep reading and decide yourself.
If owner of a proxy server has malicious intents he can easily steal your confidential information (like usernames and passwords). He can redirect you to malicious websites and can install malware in your computer. Scary huh?
You just want to hide your IP Address? Great.
Suppose you hacked a website while using a proxy, admin of the target website will have the IP Address of the proxy server in logs.
That admin will contact police and will give them the IP Address of the proxy server.
Police will contact the admin of the proxy server and then he will give your IP Address to police and will get caught.
Well we can’t say which proxy is secure and which proxy is not but there are a few things you can keep in mind like never use a proxy given by someone or from a website which is infamous.
Prefer HTTPS proxies over HTTP, SOCKS are even better.
Use Highly Anonymous or Distortion proxies. We recommend using proxy servers from Russia because privacy laws are better there.
So guys this was my attempt to introduce you to the world of proxies.
Now if you wish to use a proxy then you can get them from following websites:

That’s all for now. Keep reading..Keep Learning.

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