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How To Setup And Use Proxy Chains? Are They Safe?

Read our article about proxies so you can understand the concept of Proxy Chains better.

What Is A Proxy Chain?

As the name suggests, a chain of proxies is called proxy chain.
When we use a proxy chain, the connection to target server is made through a number of proxies (computers) like this:
proxy chain example
Now you must be wondering why will someone use a proxy chain? I will answer it later, for now lets learn how to setup a proxy chain.
For this purpose I will be using a program named proxychains for Linux. You can install it by entering apt-get install proxychains in your terminal.

Setting Up Proxychains

First of all we need some proxies so use google to find them or look in these websites:

Got some proxies? Good.
Now we will open the configuration file of our program proxychains so we can setup everything.
So open terminal and enter

It will give us the location of the file proxychains.conf i.e. the configuration file.
As you can see the location of the configuration file is /etc/proxychains.conf
Now lets open this file by entering

Note: Leafpad is text editor that I have installed, you have to replace leafpad by a text editor which is installed in your system.
As soon as you enter the above command, you will be greeted with a text document, just scroll down to the bottom of the document and you will see this:
You see the last line saying socks4 9050? Well if you should comment it out if you are not using tor. Commenting out something means disabling that line of code, so to uncomment I will put a # at the start of the line so it becomes #socks4 9050
Now add your desired proxies like I did:
add proxies to proxychains
To add a proxy you must provide proxy server’s type like SOCKS4, SOCKS5, HTTP etc., proxy server’s IP Address and port.
All set? Good.
Now we have just one thing to setup. The chain type.
There are three chain types as you can in your configuration file:
select chain type

Its easy to understand what each chain type does but let me explain that too,

1. Dynamic Chain: It will form a chain of proxies in the order they are written into the configuration file. If a proxy server is not responding it will be skipped i.e. will not be included in the proxy chain.

2. Strict Chain: It will form a chain of proxies in the order they are written into the configuration file. If a proxy server is not responding, the whole chain will be disabled i.e. if a proxy server is not responding you will not be able to use proxychains.

3. Random Chain: It will form a chain of proxies randomly, the order of proxies in chain will be changed every time which means your IP address will be changed every time too. If a proxy server is not responding, it is skipped.

Easy? Well Like If I want to use Dynamic Chain then I will uncomment the Dynamic Chain option by removing the # sign before it.
After doing all this stuff..save this file and feel free to close it.
Enough configurations…now its time to use it.

How To Use A Proxy Chain?

Thats pretty simple. Whenever you want to use a program through proxychains then simply type

Let me show you by performing a port scan with nmap:
proxychains with nmap
Simple huh? I hope you understood everything I wrote.

How Safe Am I Behind A Proxy Chain?

Well sir you are pretty safe.
Whenever you interact with a target you want to hack, you make a connection with it. And as soon as you make a connection your IP address gets logged/saved in the target machine because the header of data packets sent by your computer will have your IP address.
But if you are using a proxy it will change your IP address with its own IP address, and thus your target will get the IP address of the proxy not yours.
But why we need to use more than one proxies when one proxy is enough to hide our identity?
Imagine the police has the IP address of the proxy server you used to hack your target. Now the police will contact the owner of the proxy server for your IP address (yes proxy servers have your IP address stored) and you will be caught.
But what If my target was in Canada and used proxy server of Sweden? The police can’t directly contact the owner of proxy server, Canada’s government will need to contact Sweden government for that purpose and it will take time.
Now what if my target was in US and I used a Russian proxy server? Well probably Russian government will deny the request of US government because they are rivals. Cool huh?
Now these were the cases when we use one proxy server.
Now we are using proxy chains, 5 different proxies of 5 different countries…now imagine how hard is it for police to contact government authorities of 5 different countries and get search warrants? Think yourself but remember you can’t be completely hidden…you can just make it harder to catch you.
Well I would like to suggest you to not use proxy servers of China and US as they are often controlled by the government itself to steal data. A good option is Russia, you should include at least one Russian proxy server in your proxy server because privacy laws are better there in comparison to the rest of the world.
Don’t use proxy server found a blog..a facebook group or any other unknown source because those servers can be malicious in nature and can steal your data and can install malware into your computer.
That’s all folks.
I hope you enjoyed this article. If you find our website helpful then tell your friends about it.
Thanks for reading.

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