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How to safely browse deep web? : Security Tips

You must have heard of dark web or deep web and as you know its a scary place and its full of skilled cyber criminals. So it becomes necessary to secure yourself while visiting this wild part of internet. Today I am going to tell you about some precautions that you should must use while surfing dark web.

Secure Your Browser

Securing your browser must be your top priority as hackers can exploit it to gain access to your machine. So lets talk about some ways by which you can make your browser more hardened.

secure your browser

  1. If a website doesn’t use HTTPS, don’t use it.
  2. Disable JavaScript using NoScript plugin
  3. Disable all the plug ins as they can be used to track/exploit your system
  4. Don’t use search Engines like Google which track you. Instead, go for DuckDuckGo which doesn’t keep the records or inject tracking cookies into your browser
  5. If you download something from the dark web its ok but consider opening it in a sandbox or a virtual machine.
  6. Don’t use torrent because torrent uses a peer to peer connection instead of using TOR network.
  7. Don’t maximize TOR browser’s windows as it can be used to determine screen size of your device.

Secure your browser even more

Enter about:config in your browser tab and press enter. Then make the following changes:

  • javascript.enabled false
  • network.http.sendRefererHeader 0
  • network.http.sendSecureXSiteReferrer false
  • extensions.torbutton.saved.sendSecureXSiteReferrer false
  • network.cookie.cookieBehavior 2
  • browser.cache.memory.enable false

Secure Your Operating System

If your operating systems is easy to hack then it could be a problem…a really really bad problem.
ultimate jarvis best rainmeter hacker skin

  1. Don’t use windows because windows is really very easy to exploit, prefer Linux.
  2. Its good to use tor in a virtual machine so you can minimize the damage in case you get infected by some malware.
  3. Use a firewall.
  4. Keep your system up to date.

Secure Your Identity

And the most important thing is to hide your identity.
secure on deep web

  1. If you have to sign up for something, use a disposable email service such as throwawaymail
  2. Choose usernames and passwords carefully. They should not have any kind of link to your real identity.
  3. Send messages in chat rooms only when its necessary and do not reveal any kind of information.
  4. You will eventually find scam sites and phishing sites, so use your mind and stay away from them.
  5. Don’t do something which might grab attentions of legal authorities like watching child porn. Do not watch child porn at all, even for the sake of curiosty. Stay away from it.
  6. If you have to upload an image somewhere, wipe its exif data first. And don’t upload any photos which reveal anything about your personal life. Like the color of your cat.

Still not secure? Here you go!

  1. Get a new laptop
  2. Get a new USB and install Tails in it. Tails is an Linux distro dedicated to security and privacy.
  3. Now install tor and set TOR browser’s security setting to high.
  4. Follow all the security measures we have discussed above.
  5. Thats all.

That’s all for now. I hope you enjoyed this article.
Keep learning! Stay safe!

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