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SQLMate : Friend of SQLMap is here to help you in SQL Injection

sqlmate find sqli vulnerable sites

There are some features that we think SQLMap should have. Like finding admin panel of the target, better hash cracking etc. If you think the same, SQLMate is for you.

Features of SQLMap:

  • Find vulnerable websites with google and automatically find and try to bypass their admin panels.
  • Perform hash lookup of a hash or hashes stored in a txt files. 90% of the times you will get your hash <i>cracked</i> within 4 seconds.
  • Dedicated admin panel finder which scans for 478 possible paths. Supports extension filtering.
  • Has inbuilt dork dumper so you can get fresh dorks on the go

Interested? You can download it from here and here’s a video demo:

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I am Somdev Sangwan also known as D3V. I am n00b and I love computers and hacking. I am a python freak and your friendly neighborhood hacker.


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