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Team Ultimate believes that knowledge should be free and thats why we have decided to find the best books and upload them in here, even if they are paid.

  • Stealing The Network : How To Own The Box This book is a collection of realistic hacking stories. This is quite old school but you will learn how to think like a hacker.
  • Hacking Exposed¬† This book is probably the best book you can read to get started with hacking. It covers all basic concepts of hacking.
  • Taking Recon To The Next Level As the title suggest, this book describes a lot of reconnaissance techniques and methodologies. Good one for beginners.
  • Social Engineering : The Art of Human Hacking A great book! A great book for anyone who wants to learn. You have to practice your skills in real life but this book will teach a lot of useful things and classic techniques.
  • The Web Application Hacker’s Handbook Everyone recommends this book for learning web app pentesting and there’s a reason behind this. This book is great, it doesn’t provide hollow knowledge. Everything is discussed as its in real scenarios.
  • Networking For Dummies Good book to learn networking. The language is very easy and enjoyable.
  • Lean Python Sub title of this book says, “Learn enough python just to build useful tools” and the book teaches you exactly that. Good one.
  • Hacking : The Art of Exploitation This book covers various aspects of system and cryptology. It teaches you how to write exploits and other stuff related to that. Highly recommended.
  • C For Dummies A great starter for C. Easy to understand and enjoyable content.
  • C : The Complete Reference Not the most the enjoyable book on the internet but it covers everything. So you may want to read another book to get started with C and then follow this one.
  • C++ : The Complete Reference Not the most the enjoyable book on the internet but it covers everything. So you may want to read another book to get started with C++ and then follow this one.
  • System Concepts Want to get into system exploitation? Grab this book to get started, thank us later.
  • Heap Exploitation Decent book for those who want to dive into heap exploitation.
  • Reversing : Secrets of Reverse Engineering A good book which covers many aspects of reverse engineering.
  • The Art of Deception Excellent book to learn social engineering techniques especially how to influence people.
  • Metasploit : The Penetration Tester’s Guide It talks about metasploit and its pretty good at that, that’s it.
  • Introduction To Logic This book is for you if you want to learn modern logic to embrace your mathematical or programming skills. Good read.
  • Radare2 Explorations Are you into reverse engineering? Grab this book. Its useful.
  • Common Ports (Cheat Sheet) A cheat sheet which will serve you as a reference for quickly checking out which services might me running on a network port.
  • Linux Commands (Cheat Sheet) Another cheat sheet which covers linux commands categorized with their functions.

Note: These books are taken from the internet and hence Team Ultimate holds no responsibility for your copyright and stuff like that. If you think we are violating your copyright or pirating your book just mail me at [email protected] and we will remove it immediately.